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The Tori & Sal Philosophy

The Tori & Sal philosophy is a simple one. Creating incredible photographs that will stand the test of time (no fuzzy edges here) and capture in an instant what can’t be said in a thousand words. They’re not about staged or fussy photos, mainly because that isn’t how life is. You could say that elegant documentary is Tori & Sal’s style of photography.

Their goal is to ditch the stigma around wedding and portrait photography.

Remember, to Tori & Sal it’s not just about their couples or families having their picture taken, and they want to remind you of that. It’s about making you feel comfortable in front of the lens so you’re able to relax and ultimately have a really fun experience. In order to achieve those stunning candid, documentary style moments the gals will give you as much or as little direction and guidance as you need. Your love for each other, or your children will shine through, all Tori & Sal will do is capture it. They have a knack for capturing candid moments when you’re not looking, and that’s when the real magic shines through. There is something beautiful about letting things naturally unfold and just going with the flow.

The gals take on no more than 20 clients each year. This is purely and simply because you’re not just another couple or another wedding to them, which means they are devoted to you and are able to really dedicate their time to producing a high quality product.

They will capture the smiles and tears of your friends and family in the crowd, the laughter of your children, a quiet moment of reflection before you walk down the aisle or the reaction of the first time you see your loved one walking towards you. These are the moments that they want you to cherish for a lifetime.


On The Day

(and leading up…)

In the lead up to your big day, Tori & Sal can organise a catch up or a Skype session to chat in further detail about yourselves, your plans for the day and your expectations from them as photographers. From there they will start to work out the grittier details & guide you along the way. You’ll be sent a questionnaire for you and your partner to fill in as well as a proposed run sheet for the day.

This assists the gals in making sure those gorgeous, natural moments happen effortlessly. And then, on the day itself you’ll hardly know they’re there, in a good way! In fact, it will be like you’re having your photos taken by old friends. Tori & Sal will just go about their business capturing the moments as they naturally unfold.


Their Commitment

Tori & Sal put their heart and soul into every wedding. Each couple or family will get the gals’ undivided attention, not only on the day and within the lead up, but also after the dust has begun to settle.

They really are a dream team. They collaborate closely, making sure they are across every wedding and shoot, ensuring a flawless end result. This means that the turnaround time is quicker than you’ll ever experience elsewhere.

And what really solidifies their dream team status is that everything is done in house; photography advice that are best tailored to your needs, education, on the day shooting, editing and then finally, the highest quality printing to really make your photos stand out even more.

Who Tori & Sal Are

Tori & Sal are romantics at heart who love a good podcast, are café enthusiasts; they swoon over fashion and are addicted to beautiful interiors. They are all about their family and friends, and they love meeting new people.


Still want to know more…?

If there is anything else you would like to know, please head to the FAQ’s page, as there is lots of extra information there. There is also a testimonials page of previous couples shot by Tori & Sal who were more than willing to sing their praises, because they’re that good. And if there is still something you are unsure of, please feel free to ask some more questions via the contact page and they will be happy to answer anything. Well, almost anything. There are some things that aren’t so easy to answer, like bio-medical engineering, but the girls will give it a crack!